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So half my working day is spent providing network support for my employer. Upon doing so I run into a number of problems which usually ends up with me scouring the world wide web looking for solutions. This one took me a while to solve as I wanted to preserve my clients Auto Complete list, where as all the guides I was able to find stated that in order to resolve the problem, the Auto Complete cache must be cleared.

However, after a doing a bit of fiddling I have found another way around the problem, what has appeared to have worked for me was to disable the Mail Tips. Review the steps below to disable Mail Tips.


You will want to open the options menu for Outlook 2010, to do so, navigate to File > Options:

Navigate to File > Options

After which you will need to open the Mail tab and scroll down until you locate the option titled “MailTips Options” and open it.

Locate the Mail tab and scroll down until you see the option titled “MailTips Options”


All that’s left to do is to enable the option as highlighted in red (never display MailTips) and your done! (well nearly)


Now check it again and again! By which I mean try sending an email to a recipient that did not work before hand and ensure that they have received the email, do it backwards, forwards, upside down and inside out, every which way you can imagine to ensure its functioning correctly. With fingers crossed, you have now fixed the problem and kept the auto complete list intact =)

Any comments for questions then please do not hesitate to ask either via comments or the ticket system which can be found here:

Happy fixing!



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